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ckollision – human plays machine plays human plays machine

To what extent does an increased focus on digital media influence the perception of my own reality? How do we filter playfully information and what is the impact of immersion on my own psyche?

Students of the School of Art and Design Kassel together with computer scientists of the University of Kassel present answers to these questions. By invitation of the 34 th Kasseler Dokumentarfilm- und Videofest they organise an exhibition where video games, interactive installations and VR experiments are presented in an artistic context.

VR-ZOETROP / Interactive Virtual Reality Experience / Developer: Filip Dippel, Max Holicki, Petra Stipetic Programmer: Peter Müller

The hand that draws explores materials on a haptic level while it is directly linked to the technological interface of the future, where computer games, installation works, and virtually real experiments establish themselves as forms of creative expression. The interplay of systematic research and inventive curiosity reflects autonomous approaches of working with computers and points indirectly to the key visual of the current Dokfest.

where is joe / Interactive Virtual Reality Experience / Developer: Áron Farkas, Georgi Krastev, Stefan Kreller, Dennis Stein-Schomburg, Lennert Raesch / 3D Modellers: Chen Yang, Ferdinand Kowalke, Jan Wielers, Max Holicki, Maximilian Wagener, Mikola Debik

The impulse for the organisation and selection of this year’s exhibition contributions from Kassel was given by the team of the animation class, where animation is taught as a form of artistic expression in the department of visual communication. What helps is the physical and organisational proximity to visual arts, graphic design, new media and film departments as part of the School of Art and Design Kassel.

the internet restroom / / Developer: Topicbird, studio for connective virtualities Jasper Meiners, Isabel Paehr

From this base, paths open up to the wide variety of modern animation, from digital production to experimental techniques, to interactive narrative forms and transmedia dissemination.

präsentiert von/presented by Trickfilmklasse Kassel

am Kulturbahnhof
Franz-Ulrich-Str. 16
34117 Kassel

15.11. / 21h

Öffnungszeiten/opening hours
15.11. / 21–23h
16.11.–18.11. / 15–21h
19.11. / 15–20h

Animation Class

Universitiy of Kassel

Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival