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Awards and honors for the works of the students of Trickfilmklasse Kassel.

EXAMEN award 2018 goes to stopmotion film

For her graduation film ‘Sincerely, Now Air’ Theresa Grysczok was awarded with 3000 euros at the EXAMEN exhibition 2018. Congratulations!

Theresa (on the left) at the award ceremony.

The five minute long stopmotion film is about an extreme situation during a flight:
A passenger dies on an airplane. While a stewardess tries to bring the man back to life, she deals with the requirements of her job and personal limits.

Still aus “Sincerely, Now Air”

In addition, Theresa will stay at Kunsthochschule Kassel for the Meisterschüler program 2019.

Theresa Grysczok
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Kunsthochschule Kassel Facebook
Photo award ceremony: Nicolas Wefers

Florian Maubach wins German Shortfilm Award 2018

Florian Maubach won the German Shortfilm Award in the category ‘Animated movies’ in november 2018 with his graduation short ‘Cops and Robbers’. The German Shortfilm Award is the most importand and highest remunerated Shortfilm award in Germany. Florian was given a prize of 30.000 euros to fund new film projects. Congratulations Florian!

Still from Cops and Robbers

“Cops and Robbers” gives an insight in the everyday experience of teens:

Playing Cops and Robbers on the old playground. Why am I still doing this?

While they play Cops and Robbers, Daniel begins to realize that there is something else between catching and being caught. He sees himself confronted with situations with which he does not really know how to deal with.

Still from Cops and Robbers

German Shortfilm Award
Florian Maubach
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Räuber & Gendarm nominated for German Short Film Award!

Good News:

Florian Maubach‘s graduation short film is nominated for the most important award for young filmmakers: the German Short Film Award.
On November 28th one film out of 288 submissions and 12 nominations will be honoured in Potsdam. Congratulations!

Since 1956 the Government annually awards the best German short films. Especially for young filmmakers the arward is an exceptional honour. The winner movie is chosen by two independent jurys.


»COMA – THE SEA« by Florian Maubach has received the GOLDEN ELEPHANT AWARD for BEST MUSIC VIDEO at Short Film Breaks 2017. Congratulation! 🏆🐠


Winner in our MUSIC VIDEO category and of the #GoldenElephant for BEST MUSIC VIDEO is…

Directed by: Florian Maubach

About Short Break Films

Short Film Breaks is the only film festival taking place in private companies.

We started in 2013, with screenings over a three months period for the 1000 Ipsos employees in Bucharest and Brasov. Our first edition also had special events and Q&A with guests from the Romanian filmmaking industry like Tudor Giurgiu, Adrian Sitaru or Tom Wilson, among others. […]

In 2017 we added an online festival, i-Say Short Film Breaks, to our live screenings. The i-Say website and the i-Say Facebook page were the only places where the i-Say panel members watched the SFB films, online. We also opened our doors to a new range of films and filmmakers. From the total number of 2403 films received across all platforms, we accepted 118.


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 »COMA – THE SEA« [vimeo]
Florian Maubach
Short Film Breaks

»Sog« wins GRAND PRIX @ Primanima in Hungary

»Sog« wins yet another! This time in Hungary at the Primanima Internation Film Festival . Congrats, lads!

Sog wins GRAND PRIX at Primanima in Hungary!
We got this lovely created award and a beautiful screenprint!
Many thanks to the jury, the festival and of course our team Merlin Flügel Florian Maubach Ivan Robles Ferdinand Kowalke Maximilian Wagener Marc Rühl Mikola Debik
All the award winners including Ugly and Studiokamp – Music & Sound Design (congrats!):

– Jonatan Schwenk

Jonatan Schwenk: Sog (GER)

For a critical film about going against the masses told through an original and innovative visual language and disturbing storytelling.

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About »Sog«

After a flood, fish got stuck on some old trees. In danger of drying out they scream sharply. Woken up by the noise, the inhabitants of a nearby cave don’t feel happy about the unintended gathering…

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About Primanima

Primanima is an international festival and competition of first animations. Its co-founders launched the festival in 2012 with a goal to provide a platform for talented young animators to introduce their first films, as well as with an aim to add animation and other educational programs to the cultural life of Budaörs. Four sections compete for the awards of Primanima, student films, graduation films, first films and children’s films. In addition to the screenings animation playzone, international workshop, forums and concerts also add colour to the event. If you want to come to a festival where you can have enough fun for whole year Primanima is the right place. Come and join our animation community in Budaörs which is growing and growing by every edition.

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6th Primanima, Hungary
Jonatan Schwenk
»Sog« on facebook

PINK CUTS PINK #frischfilm #hr

»PINK CUTS PINK« by animatress Alma W. Bär was broadcasted on national televisionat  29th Sept. 17 . #frischfilm #hr.

Still available to (re)watch in the onlinemediathek for 14 days. (Link expires at 13th Oct. 17, 12:30 am )

About frischfilm

“frischfilm” – Die neuen Hochschulfilme

Ob Kurzspielfilm, Dokumentation, Animation oder Experimentalfilm – in den Filmklassen der Hochschulen in Offenbach, Darmstadt, Wiesbaden und Kassel entstehen Filme, die für Aufsehen sorgen und auf Festivals prämiiert werden. Die Studenten der Trickfilmklasse der Kunsthochschule Kassel haben sogar schon zwei Mal Hollywoods “Oscar” nach Hessen geholt. “frischfilm” stellt vier Mal im Jahr eine Auswahl der in hessischen Hochschulen entstandenen neuesten Produktionen vor.

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Alma W. Bär
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The story continues… »Sog« by Jonatan Schwenk won EUROPEAN ANIMATION AWARD at the Encounters Short Film Festival in Bristol, UK.

*** Sog *** wins EUROPEAN ANIMATION AWARD at the Encounters Short Film Festival !!! Massive Thanks to the jury and the Festival! Full Award list:
– Jonatan Schwenk from Bristol, United Kingdom

About Encounters Film Festival

Encounters is the UK’s leading short film and animation festival and annual meeting place for new, emerging and established filmmakers and industry professionals. Providing a single platform for celebrating talent and innovation, Encounters presents an annual Internation Competition, Industry Programme and an inspiring selection of screenings, events and parties during the festival week in Bristol, UK.


Encounters Short Film Festival
»Sog« on Encounters
»Sog« on facebook

»BeBetter« was rated as PARTICULARLY VALUEABLE

»BeBetter« by Daniel van Westen was rated as PARTICULARLY VALUABLE by the german film review and rating institute (Filmbewertungsstelle) Wiesbaden!

Jury-Begründung (statement by the jury)

Die FBW-Jury hat dem Film das Prädikat besonders wertvoll verliehen.

In einer Welt, in der alles auf Optimierung getrimmt wird, liegt es nahe, die eigenen Unzulänglichkeiten mit Pillen, Cremes und Chemie verbessern zu wollen. Daniel van Westens Animationsfilm BEBETTER zeigt, was passieren kann, wenn für „Alles und Jeden“ ein Mittel zur Verfügung steht. „Be Better“ heißt das Zaubermittel, das in van Westens Animationswelt kräftig beworben wird. Ein bisschen Creme hier, ein wenig Spray dort und alles wird schöner, größer, besser.
Aber natürlich werden auch van Westens Animationsakteure die Geister, die sie rufen, nicht los. Ein Haarwuchsmittel lässt eine Frau zur Yeti ähnlichen Gestalt mutieren, Steroide einen Broccoli zum Monster, genau wie den Wurm in einer Erdbeere.
BEBETTER überzeugt durch seine schrille Ästhetik, die die Jury – ganz treffend – an Werbeclips erinnert. Zwei Minuten, mehr braucht der Film nicht, um die ganze Tiefe der Botschaft erfahrbar zu machen.

Zwei Minuten, das ist die Länge eines Werbeclips. Ohne den moralischen Zeigefinger zu erheben, zeigen van Westens Akteure; dass chemische Selbstoptimierung kein Universalheilmittel sein kann.
Van Westen transformiert mit hipper Werbeästhetik Botschaften ins Gegenteil ihrer ursprünglichen früheren Bedeutung. Mit brillantem Charakterdesign, tollem Farb- und ausgezeichnetem Tonkonzept unterhält BEBETTER nicht nur, sondern schafft auch die nötige Distanz, um gängige Werbekonzepte brechen zu können. Und dennoch, so zeigte sich in der Diskussion, ist es zwingend notwendig, über den Film zu sprechen.
BEBETTER schlägt Werbung mit den eigenen Waffen, ohne ausformulierte Antworten zu bieten. Mit seinem frechen Charme und einer gehörigen Portion Humor hat der Film die Jury überzeugt. Nach ihrer Ansicht hat BEBETTER das Prädikat „besonders wertvoll“ verdient.

( Quelle: Deutsche Film- und Medienbewertung )