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General information about the Trickfilmklasse Kassel.

WELTMASCHINE wins Golden Cube

At the Documentary and Videofestival Kassel 2010 (Dokfest) the installation “Weltmachine” by Lukas Thiele and Tilman Hatje won the Golden Cube for the best media installation. She was to be seen in the exhibition “Monitoring”, which presented contemporary and space-related positions of media art within the framework of the festival.

„Weltmaschine“ (2010) Is a space installation consisting of 8 vibration units and white rubber cords, which are brought into harmony with a music specially composed for the installation (Lukas Rabe) by vibration and projection.
The award “Golden Hercules” this year went to the film “Suicide Club” by Olaf Saumer, who studied in the film class of the Kunsthochschule Kassel. “Suicide Club” will be available from 25.11. In selected cinemas in Germany.

Trickfilmklasse at DOKFEST KASSEL

At this year’s documentary film and videofestival Kassel, several films of the animation class are shown in various programs. The Dokfest Kassel takes place from the 9th to the 14th. November, an international program with a total of around 200 films will be presented in FILMADEN, BALI KINO and GLORIA. A supporting program with lectures, workshops, interfiction and media art exhibition monitoring will complement and enrich the festival.

An overview of the films of the animation class shown at the festival:

In Program „kurz & knapp“, Wed, 10.11.2010, 22:15pm BALi Kino
„A Cappella“ from Simone Dreger, Ines Christine Geisser, Paula Mierzowsky, Maurice Quentin, Gabriel Sahlmüller, Beatrix Schubert und Lukas Thiele

Im Programm „Triebe und Liebe“, Friday, 12.11.2010, 24pm, BALi Kino
„Die Auserwählten“ from Damian Harmata
„Warum mag jeder Würstchen?“ from Stefan Vogt
 „Lauf Jäger lauf!“ from Raphael Wahl (Alumni)
„Vienne“ from Robert Atangana Manifong
„Share“ from Daniel van Westen
“The Burning Haus” from Nils Knoblich

Im Programm „Finale“, Sunday, 14.11.2010, 20pm, BALi Kino
„Die Flaschenpost“ from Florian Grolig
„Die Gedanken sind frei“ from Urte Zintler
 „Der präzise Peter“ from Martin Schmidt

Installation // Monitoring
„Weltmaschine“ from Lukas Thiele and Tilman Hatje
At: Stellwerk im Kulturbahnhof Kassel

Films from the class at FESTIVALS

Die Gedanken sind frei von Urte Zintler läuft auf dem Holland Animation Film Festival vom 03.-07. November 2010 im Studentenwettbewerb. Das Festival findet in Utrecht/Niederlande statt. Weiterhin wird der Film in Korea auf dem Puchon International Student Animation Festival gezeigt, das vom 05.-07. November stattfindet. Auch in Puchon ist „Die Gedanken sind frei“ im Studentenwettbewerb. Nahezu gleichzeitig zum Festival in Korea läuft der Film in Rumänien auf dem „ALTER-NATIVE 18. International Short Film Festival“ in Targu-Mures im Internationalen Wettbewerb, sowie kurz danach in Kassel auf dem Dokfest Kassel (09.-14.11.2010).

Burning Haus von Nils Knoblich läuft auf dem Dokfest Kassel. Der Film wird am Freitag, 12.11. um 24.00 im Programm „Triebe und Liebe“ im BaliKino gezeigt. Burning Haus wurde mit Mitteln der Hessischen Filmförderung (HFF-HR) finanziert. Ein Making-Of von „Burning Haus“ gibt es auf der Website von Nils Knoblich

Die Wahrheits-Quizshow von Wu Kung läuft auf dem „29th Uppsala International Short Film Festival“, das vom 25-31 Oktober 2010 in Uppsala/Schweden stattfindet.

UTE is online

This year, Lea Schönfelder has created an excitement in the game industry with her computer game “Ulitsa Dimitrova”. First she won an award at the Student Showcase at the “Independent Games Festival”, then the British newspaper “The Independent” reported on Russian government censorship projects the game. Since today, their new game “Ute” is online and has the potential to provide excitement again!

A simple start screen with black and white line drawings awaits the visitor of It is noted that “Ute” is a game for adults. The reason for this is the goal of the game: to have as much sex as possible before marriage.

Ute runs around and meets an odd number of men with whom she can sleep. The more sex she has, the more points she gets. But since all the men are in love with her, she has to be careful that she is not seen by the other men when she is in bed. If they are caught, two men fall away, who never sleep with her again. In the end, a man remains in the game. Ute must marry him. In a highscore you can enter the collected points on the website and I measure with other players.

The game was realized in cooperation with the programmer Stefan Lind of the engineering school Kassel. Have fun playing!

By the way: Lea Schönfelder is looking forward to feedback on the game ( )


The renowned festival FANTOCH in Bad, Switzerland, will be showing a showcase of the Trickfilmklasse Kassel on 9th September 2010.

A festival workshop will also be held during the festival, in which Kassel students are developping and producing new computer game formats in cooperation with students from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and the Zurich University of Design.

More information about the festival can be found at

The Trickfilmklasse at RUNDGANG2010

Within the framework of the annual exhibition of the Kunsthochschule in Kassel, the Trickfilmklasse will present a film program with current films on Friday, 16.7.2010 at 7:30 pm in the auditorium of the Kunsthochschule Kassel.

The RUNDGANG 2010 takes place from 11.07. – 18.07.2010 at the Kunsthochschule and in Kassel galleries and exhibition rooms. Traditionally, the students show the results of the last year of study in the exhibition. During the regular opening hours of the tour ( see the program overview, the current films of the students also run as a permanent program in the Trickfilmkino, which can be reached  via the courtyard of the Trickfilmklasse.

In the course of the week in the evening from 18 clock on the meadow in front of the Trickfilmtrakt original wood oven pizza baked. On Wednesday evening ( July 14th 2010) the Trickfilmklasse invites you to the “Sturm auf den Basstille” with hot beats and ice-cold drinks in the most beautiful courtyard of the Kunsthochschule.

Link to the program overview of the CURRENT 2010

Link to the website of RUNDGANG2010

HESSISCHER RUNDFUNK shows Kasseler films

The Hessischer Rundfunk (HR) will be showing four films by students of the Trickfilmklasse Kassel in the night of Wednesday, 9th June 2010, on Thursday, 10.6.2010 at 00:15 am as part of the program “Frischfilm – Die Nacht der Hochschulfilme”.

A total of 13 films from the film classes of the Hessian universities in Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Kassel,Offenbach and Wiesbaden will be shown.
The contributions from the Trickfilmklasse are:

Schrödingers Katze from Sana Schönle
Die Gedanken sind frei from Urte Zintler
Cat Sleeping On the Piano from Tilman Hatje und Lukas Thiele (2009)
Pierre und der Spinatdrache from Hélène Tragesser
Furthermore, HR shows the film “Toyland Endstation” by Daniel Stieglitz, which was developed as a final work in the film class of the Kunsthochschule Kassel.

ULITSA DIMITROVA disputed by Russian government

The game “Ulitsa Dimitrova” by Kassel students Lea Schönfelder and Gerard Delmàs may fall victim to censorship in Russia. The British daily “The Independent” reported on 5 June 2010 (link to the article -from-games-1992016.html.

According to the newspaper, the Russian Parliament is currently discussing the possibility of forbidding “anti-Russian” computer games. The article also mentions “Ulitsa Dimitrova” as well as the famous game “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2”, where the players at Moscow’s airport have to shoot innocent passengers.

In “Ulitsa Dimitrova” the task of the player is to keep the small street boy Pyotr alive by letting him break into houses, sniffing glue, drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. If you stop to deal with the boy, the boy sits down on the freezing streets of Saint Petersburg and freezes in the snow.

Lean Schönfelder has been studying in the Trickfilmklasse since 2006 and has developed and realized the game together with Gerard Delmàs, a student in the “New Media” class. The game was inspired by a visit to Saint Petersburg, where she got in touch with street children. We are eager to see how the specific censorship of the game will look in Russia, after all, the game is available on various websites worldwide for free download.

TINY AND BIG – the game

After months of teamwork and lots of headaches
and discussions, “TINY AND BIG” is finally born! The game is available as demo version for
WINDOWS, MAC and LINUX on the website of the team for free download.

“TINY AND BIG – Up The Volcano” was conceived and realized as a project between animators and illustrators of the Kunsthochschule with computer scientists from the Ing.-Schule Kassel in a team of around ten people. The player controls as the main character Tiny through a world of large cuboid formations and has to bend his way with Laserkanone and Enterhaken to the opponent Big the underpants again, which he stolen Tiny. The challenge is to find new ways to navigate through the rocks by cleverly slicing and moving rock and rubble.

With “Up The Volcano” the first beta version is now available. Within 72 hours of release the demo has been downloaded over 4000 times. With the help of the feedback, the developers can identify and fix existing problems. This is why the creators explicitly call for a short mail to share the impressions and experiences with the game.