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General information about the Trickfilmklasse Kassel.

Impressions from Trickreich


On the fifth, sixth and seventh February evening of this year, the well-attended Trickreich fourteen presentation took place at the Bali Cinema in Kassel.The initiators: the students of the Kasseler Trickfilmklasse look back on three festive demonstrations and full halls. In addition to the Omage series to Harry Kramer, whose premiere was celebrated last summer in the artist’s necropolis in the Habichtswald, the closing film “An Adventurous Afternoon”, as well as further works by the young animators, was also the latest film of the collaborator of the animation film class Martin Schmidt Called “Emil”. HNA wrote: “As usual, the latest work of the animation class of the Kunsthochschule will deal with real questions of life in the three – day festival Trickreich.“

Animation class Kassel guest in Nordhorn

From 15th to 16th October, the Städtische Galerie Nordhorn organizes the first »Trickfilmtage Nordhorn«. Films of the »Trickfilmklasse Kassel«, as well as a »best-of« of this year’s International Trickfilmfestival Stuttgart, were shown.

In addition, you can listen to a short report, an interview with Thomas Niemeyer (director of the Städtischer Galerie Nordhorn) and Florian Maubach (student of the Trickfilmklasse Kassel) on the site of the Radiosenders Ems-Vechte-Welle.

Harry Who?


On Friday the 21st of June at 11 pm, the documenta Archiv, the trickfilm class of the Kunsthochschule Kassel in collaboration with the Sepulkralmuseum for the film ‘Harry Who?’ Invites you to the necropolis in the Habichtswald. On the occasion of the 1100th anniversary of the city of Kassel, students developed different short films that put the work and life of the documentary artist Harry Kramer into the forefront.

Already in the winter semester 2011 students of the Trickfilmklasse produced the now prize-winning Puppentrickfilm „Regel Null“, Which as homage to the film ‘Die Schleuse’ (1961) iM spring 2012 at the symposium ‘Fundsache Kramer’ in the TheaterFigurenMuseum in Lübeck. Building on this success, the search was continued in the Wintersemester 2012 with the project ‘Harry Who?’.

Visits to the Kramerarchiv in Aschrotthaus and a guided tour of the museum of sepulchral culture gave the students an almost unique view of the work and the artist. The film and animation techniques used vary between real film, drawing, computer and puppet show, their performance in the shortest night of the year is due to the generous support of Ambion, the friendly help of Boxan and the permission of the Forstamtes Kassel.

The program is opened with the film “Sackgasse”, a joint production by Harry Kramer and Wolfgang Ramsbott from 1963.

Subsequently, 13 short films of the students of the “Trickfilmklasse” will be presented under the direction of Professor Martina Bramkamp. In these works, the filmmakers approach various, partly abstract, partly very personal art Harry Kramer, who taught in the period between 1971 and 1992 as a professor of sculpture in Kassel.

The film program, presented in “Spielraum” by Werner Ruhnau, and the necropolis itself, created as a work of art in the public space by Harry Kramer, are to be encouraged to commemorate and reflect.

Kassel films in the Hessischer Rundfunk

In the night from September 28th to September 29th at 0:00 am, Hessischer Rundfunk (HR) will present short films by students of Hessian universities in the program “Frischfilm 2011”. Among them are several films by Kasseler Trickfilm- und Filmstudenten, which were created in the last semesters.

These animations run in the program:

Stefan Vogt: „Zusammen“ (Serie)
Gruppenarbeit: „Undoubtedly Light“
Kun Jia: „Papa“
Federico Klotz: „The Talented Wilhelm Tell“
Florian Maubach: „Venedig“
Damian Harmata: „Stationen“
And from the film class:
Jonas Ungar: „Unter meinem Bett“
Georg Tasch: „Im Zimmer regnet es nie“

SPIELSALON 2011 from 13.-17. July

An octopus, which has to be as human as possible, an extremely unfair pong game, with love and hate * – the playing principles in computer games are sometimes quite unusual. The SPIELSALON is about authoring games, game makers, gamers.

For about two years, there has been a growing interest among students of the animation class for computer games. Within the scope of workshops, cooperations and in free artistic work, several – partially award-winning – computer games were created.

The SPIELSALON now takes on the interest of the animation film students and provides space for a fruitful exchange between professional game developers, students, artists and the audience. It reflects the new artistic development of the computer games on a theoretical and practical level. In a five-day exhibition at the Kassel Kunstverein in the Fridericianum, current German and international computer games will be presented with a strong artistic handwriting and an individual view of the world. In addition, there are lectures and a panel discussion of international game developers and experts.

The animation class under the direction of Prof. Thomas Meyer-Hermann and Prof. Martina Bramkamp will organize the SPIELSALON for the first time this year.

More information about the SPIELSALON at

13.-17. July 2011

Kasseler Kunstverein in Fridericianum
 Friedrichsplatz 18


Opening on 12 July at 7 pm, on the following days the exhibition is open from 11 am – 8 pm.

* Are meant: Octodad, Discrimination Pong and About love, hate and the other Ones

Kassel Arts College at the ADC Festival

This year, the Hessian Kunsthochschulen were invited to participate in the ADC Festival, the annual meeting of the Art Directors Club at the Frankfurt Messe, with their own contribution. Within the scope of the box of 3 x 3 x 2.5 m placed by the ADC, a shop window exhibition was arranged, in which changing exhibitions were shown daily (from 6 to 8 May).

In addition to the festival there was a tear-flyer with brief information about the artists of the day. The atmosphere complimented an automaton right next to the box from which one could draw a random destination with surprise. The exhibition was designed and realized by Florian Maubach (student of the trick film class) and Markus Kämmerer (student of the photo class).

From the trickfilm class: Stefan Vogt, Nils Knoblich, Daniel von Bothmer, Florian Maubach. In addition, there were: Aiko Okamoto, Daniel Stubenvoll, Eduard Petkun, Verena Waldmüller, Markus Färber, Markus Kämmerer, Sören Gerhardt.

Prize for Animation students

Martin Schmidt won a GOLDEN NEEDLE for his film DER PRÄZISE PETER in the “Film” category, while Lea Schönfelder got a BRONZENE NADEL in the “Digital Media” category for her play UTE.


TRICKFILMKLASSE in the Fridericianum and at Campusfest

Within the context of the InsideOut Late Night at the Fridericianum Kassel a film selection of the Trickfilmklasse will be shown on Friday, 27.05.2011. With the InsideOut Late Night, visitors in the Fridericianum expect a “fulminant evening”, according to the announcement.

Contemporary dance, the magazine project untitled with pupils from the Herderschule Kassel and music by Basti & Zoka are essential components of the brilliant evening – not to mention the movies of the cartoon category:

Abenteuer zusammen – Stefan Vogt
A Capella – Gruppenprojekt
Schattengewächs – Dennis Stein-Schomburg
Die Auserwählten – Damian Harmata
Hertzflimmern – Mirco Kutscheidt
Leuchtstoff – Gruppenprojekt
SPEI – Fabian Koppenhöfer
Revenge – Seo Yeun Lee
Freundschaft zusammen – Stefan Vogt
Tatort Kassel – Gruppenprojekt
Bauernhof zusammen – Stefan Vogt
Warum mag jeder Würstchen – Stefan Vogt

The current exhibitions with works by Andro Wekua and Nina Canell will be open all evening.
Start: 9 pm,
admission 7 € / free with season ticket of the Kunsthalle Fridericianum

More information on the website of Fridericianum Kassel.

At the Campusfest of the University of Kassel on Friday, 27.05.2011, a film program of the animation film class will be shown in the lecture theater 1 / diagonal 1.

Start of the program is at 4 pm, admission is free. The Campusfest celebrates the 40th anniversary of the University of Kassel with a rich cultural program, information stands, insights into specialist areas and much more.

More information about Campusfest on the website of the University of Kassel.