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Game productions of and with students of Trickfilmklasse Kassel.

ckollision – human plays machine plays human plays machine

To what extent does an increased focus on digital media influence the perception of my own reality? How do we filter playfully information and what is the impact of immersion on my own psyche?

Students of the School of Art and Design Kassel together with computer scientists of the University of Kassel present answers to these questions. By invitation of the 34 th Kasseler Dokumentarfilm- und Videofest they organise an exhibition where video games, interactive installations and VR experiments are presented in an artistic context.

VR-ZOETROP / Interactive Virtual Reality Experience / Developer: Filip Dippel, Max Holicki, Petra Stipetic Programmer: Peter Müller

The hand that draws explores materials on a haptic level while it is directly linked to the technological interface of the future, where computer games, installation works, and virtually real experiments establish themselves as forms of creative expression. The interplay of systematic research and inventive curiosity reflects autonomous approaches of working with computers and points indirectly to the key visual of the current Dokfest.

where is joe / Interactive Virtual Reality Experience / Developer: Áron Farkas, Georgi Krastev, Stefan Kreller, Dennis Stein-Schomburg, Lennert Raesch / 3D Modellers: Chen Yang, Ferdinand Kowalke, Jan Wielers, Max Holicki, Maximilian Wagener, Mikola Debik

The impulse for the organisation and selection of this year’s exhibition contributions from Kassel was given by the team of the animation class, where animation is taught as a form of artistic expression in the department of visual communication. What helps is the physical and organisational proximity to visual arts, graphic design, new media and film departments as part of the School of Art and Design Kassel.

the internet restroom / / Developer: Topicbird, studio for connective virtualities Jasper Meiners, Isabel Paehr

From this base, paths open up to the wide variety of modern animation, from digital production to experimental techniques, to interactive narrative forms and transmedia dissemination.

präsentiert von/presented by Trickfilmklasse Kassel

am Kulturbahnhof
Franz-Ulrich-Str. 16
34117 Kassel

15.11. / 21h

Öffnungszeiten/opening hours
15.11. / 21–23h
16.11.–18.11. / 15–21h
19.11. / 15–20h

Animation Class

Universitiy of Kassel

Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival

»Sog« wins GRAND PRIX @ Primanima in Hungary

»Sog« wins yet another! This time in Hungary at the Primanima Internation Film Festival . Congrats, lads!

Sog wins GRAND PRIX at Primanima in Hungary!
We got this lovely created award and a beautiful screenprint!
Many thanks to the jury, the festival and of course our team Merlin Flügel Florian Maubach Ivan Robles Ferdinand Kowalke Maximilian Wagener Marc Rühl Mikola Debik
All the award winners including Ugly and Studiokamp – Music & Sound Design (congrats!):

– Jonatan Schwenk

Jonatan Schwenk: Sog (GER)

For a critical film about going against the masses told through an original and innovative visual language and disturbing storytelling.

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About »Sog«

After a flood, fish got stuck on some old trees. In danger of drying out they scream sharply. Woken up by the noise, the inhabitants of a nearby cave don’t feel happy about the unintended gathering…

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About Primanima

Primanima is an international festival and competition of first animations. Its co-founders launched the festival in 2012 with a goal to provide a platform for talented young animators to introduce their first films, as well as with an aim to add animation and other educational programs to the cultural life of Budaörs. Four sections compete for the awards of Primanima, student films, graduation films, first films and children’s films. In addition to the screenings animation playzone, international workshop, forums and concerts also add colour to the event. If you want to come to a festival where you can have enough fun for whole year Primanima is the right place. Come and join our animation community in Budaörs which is growing and growing by every edition.

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6th Primanima, Hungary
Jonatan Schwenk
»Sog« on facebook


Stuttgart: Beim Internationalen Trickfilmfestival in Stuttgart (ITFS) war auch die Trickfilmklasse vertreten…

…und präsentierte in der dortigen GAMEZONE verschiedenste Spiele und künstlerische Installationen.

»Übungen in Neugierde« war der Titel der Ausstellung, die für den Betrachter zu einer Entdeckertour wurde.

Eine Highlight war die Präsentation dreier brandneuer VR-Projekte: Bei »Where is Joe« kann in die Gestalt eines Riesen geschlüpft, und eine virtuelle Stadt erkundet werden.

»Zoetrop« macht es möglich, mittels virtueller Farbe im 3D-Raum zu zeichnen und eigene Animationen zu erstellen und »das Labor« verbindet visuelle Wahrnehmung mit haptischer Erfahrung und bietet ein spannendes Tasterlebnis mit Überraschungseffekt.

Trickfilme von Studierenden wurden auf der Werkschau im Kino präsentiert.

Parallel zum ITFS fand zudem vom 1. – 5. Mai die FMX, Conference on Animation, Effects, Games und Transmedia unter dem Motto »Beyond the Screen« statt. Die Trickfilmklasse präsentierte sich und ihren Studiengang an einem von den Studierenden designten Stand.

Trickfilmklasse at ITFS and FMX 2017

The Trickfilmklasse Kassel exhibits at the WKV ( Württembergischen Kunstverein ) as part of the GameZone. The exhibition is placed within the framework of the ITFS ( Internationales Trickfilm-Festival Stuttgart – Festival of Animated Film ), that takes place from May 2nd – 7th in Stuttgart.

Exhibition location is on the 1st floor in the WKS, room number 216.

At the same time as the animation festival the FMX 2017 ( International Conference on Animation, Effects, VR, Games and Transmedia ) takes place from May 2nd – 5th. The Trickfilmklasse Kassel has an exhibition booth at the conference.

Das Internationale Trickfilm-Festival Stuttgart – Festival of Animated Film (ITFS),
2. – 7. Mai 2017, wurde 1982 gegründet und ist eines der weltweit größten und wichtigsten Festivals für Animationsfilm. In neun Wettbewerbskategorien werden über 70.000 Euro Preisgeld vergeben. Neben dem Partner Spotlight – Festival für Bewegtbildkommunikation arbeitet das ITFS eng mit der FMX zusammen. Als Europas größte Fachkonferenz für Animation, Effekte, VR, Games und digitale Medien (Conference on Animation, Effects, VR, Games and Transmedia) veranstaltet sie gemeinsam mit dem ITFS die Businessplattform Animation Production Day, dem einzigen auf Animationsprojekte spezialisierten Koproduktion- und Finanzierungsmarkt in Deutschland.

Tiny & Big is the winner of the DEUTSCHE COMPUTERSPIELPREIS

Big win with the play developers of Blackpants: Their game Tiny & Big has won the German computer game prize in the category “Best new concept from student competition”. The € 35,000 prize is not the first award that the Kassel team wins with the game.

Black Pants are a group of students and former students of the trick film class as well as informatics graduates of the Ing.-Schule Kassel, who gathered together about two years ago in order to jointly develop a computer game. The computer scientists had written a 3d-game engine and were working with animators to develop a 3d adventure game. The cooperation was fruitful: last year, a first demo of Tiny & Big has appeared and has caused a stir in the world of independent game makers and players. Just a few days ago, Black Pants traveled to the San Francisco Independent Games Festival in the USA to receive their award in the student competition. Then they won the Unity Award in Austin (Texas) as part of the SXSW festival.

On the last Wednesday evening, Blackpants in Munich were awarded the German Computer Game Prize as part of a festive gala. With radiant faces, Christian Niemand and Sebastian Stamm, the group’s representative, accepted the prize for the best concept in the competition for newcomers. The associated cash prize of € 35,000 enables the Group to continue to remain independent and to work on the development of Tiny & Big. In the fall, a new version will appear, with new features and several levels.

Lea Schönfelder featured by SWR2 – RADIOINTERVIEW

Their latest game, “UTE”, won just a few weeks ago at the prestigious INDEPENDENT GAMES FESTIVAL. Even the predecessor “Ulitsa Dimitrova” has provided international attention. Lea Schönfelder not only gets attention from the play scene: SWR (Südwestrundfunk) invited her to the studio as part of the program “Jungle Magazine” in the SWR2 and asked questions about the game and her artistic work.

The conversation is featured by SWR2

Ulitsa Dimitrova“ gibt es zum kostenlosen Download unter

UTE“ ist als Onlinegame spielbar unter


The 13th INDEPENDENT GAMES FESTIVAL San Francisco (IGF) has just released the excellent games of this year’s student showcase. And so in the Trickfilmklasse Kassel for much joy provided: 3 of the 14 excellent games this year are of class! The festival is one of the biggest and most important events of the indie game scene.

Student Showcase Gewinner: „Tiny and Big“ von BLACK PANTS

Seit nunmehr zwei Jahren arbeitet eine Entwicklergruppe von Studenten der Trickfilmklasse und Informatikern der Ing-Schule Kassel an dem 3d-Game „Tiny and Big“. Mittlerweile hat sich daraus ein 5-köpfiges, unabhängiges Entwicklerteam mit Sitz in Kassel gegründet. Nach einer ersten Demoversion von „Tiny and Big“ mit überwältigendem Feedback bewarb sich „Black Pants“, wie sich die Entwickler nennen, nun mit der neuen Version des Spiels für das Student Showcase des IGF und ist unter den 8 Gewinnern des Student Showcase.

Als Character „Tiny“ muss der Spieler in „Tiny and Big“ mit Hilfe eines Laserschneiders Wege finden und konstruieren, um in einer komplexen Wüstenwelt eine von „Big“ gestohlene Unterhose zurückzuerobern.

“Ulitsa Dimitrova” has already been awarded a play by Lea Schönfelder at the IGF last year (we reported For her new and no less explosive game “UTE”, Lea Schönfelder now receives an “Honorary Mention” in the Student Showcase. The game invites you to have sex with as many men as possible as protagonist “UTE”, to crack the Highscore – and not get caught. Lea Schönfelder can now look forward to re-honoring her work and the related attention. “Ute” was programmed by Stefan Lind, a student at the Ing-Schule Kassel.

Honorable Mention: “About Love, Hate and the other ones” by Tobias Bilgeri

Just a few weeks ago Tobias Bilgeri published the now excellent first 10 levels of his online game “About Love, Hate & the other ones”. By means of the two game figures a way has to be found and built in a 2d world in order to reach the exit from the level in the form of a red button. The goal is to get as few moves as necessary, and many moves as possible.

Further levels are in progress and will be published on the website’s website. By the way, the characters “Love” and “Hate” are also part of his final work in the animation film class, an animation