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New and old productions of the Trickfilmklasse Kassel.


About two weeks ago, Dennis won the “Golden Hercules” at the 28th Kasseler Documentary Film and Videofest, now his short film “Andersartig” was once again distinguished. At the 11th up-and-coming Int. Filmfestival in Hanover, the film won the prestigious “German Young Film Prize 2011”.

The prize will be presented in two-yearly “up-and-coming” festival in Hanover in three age categories. In addition to a prize money, the prize will include a two-year producer sponsorship by professionals from the film sector who accompany the award winners in a new project.

Dennis Stein-Schomburg, who has been studying at the Kunsthochschule in Kassel since 2007, found the material to be “different” during his school days when, during a visit to his class in psychiatry, he became acquainted with the old Hildegard Wolgemuth who survived a bomb attack, because she did not like the other children in the air-raid shelter. Inspired by this story he developed “Andersartig”, and in Anna Magdalena Becker from Kassel he found a great spokeswoman for his film. For 9 months Dennis Stein-Schomburg worked on “Andersartig”,after “Schattengewächs”  it is his second animation film.

The Kassel Kunsthochschule has been well represented among the award winners in recent years: four years ago, Jan Riesenbeck, a student of the film class, won the young filmmaker’s film “Kopfburtenkontrolle”. In 2009 and this year, the jury awarded Nico Sommer (2009 for “Stiller Frühling”, 2011 for “Schwarzweiss Deutsch”), who finished this year in the Filmclasse der Kunsthochschule.

Wir freuen uns über den Preis und gratulieren herzlich!

Link to the Film on
Website des Deutschen Nachwuchsfilmpreises

Website von Nico Sommer

Audience Award for „Der Baron der Raben“

With his first work “Der Baron der Raben”, Django Aerport, student of the Trickfilmklasse, won the public prize last month at the 45th edition of the “Young Collection Competition as a Forum of Young Films” by the Filmbüro Bremen e.V. Due to this event we interviewed the filmmake…

Der Filmemacher
Django Aerport

Django, can you briefly describe what is going on in “The Baron of Raven”, what does your film essentially show?

As the title of the film already reveals, “The Baron of Raven” is about a baron who lives a life with his ravens in the seclusion of his castle. In order to meet his position as a gentle and noble “baron of the ravens” he takes on great privations. But then the spectator experiences things that threaten to shatter the world image of the “baron of ravens” in its foundations …

We have heard you have noble ancestors. Is there a grain of truth to be found in this rumor? And if so, has the influence on your artistic work?

Yes, it is true. It is assumed that I came from a Far Eastern nobility. The crown on my head and the jewels in the countless drawers of my spacious apartments also suggest this. In “Der Baron der Raben”, I explicitly comment on this autobiographical topic. The result is clearly explained in the film “The Baron of the Raven”.

It is said that winning the favor of the public is the great art of filmmaking. How did it feel like to win an audience award with the first film? What happened in you when you received the prize in Bremen?

Of course I was very happy and touched by it. After all, the reaction of the audience shows only that the subject of “The Baron of Raven” is or is at least known to us, and although “The Baron of the Raven” – separated from the hustle and bustle of the world – lives in one place the most Probably only, if at all, from “hearing”.

Django, thank you for the conversation!

(The interview was conducted by Lukas Thiele and Daniel von Bothmer.) Photo credits: Filmbüro Bremen:

GOLDENER HERKULES for Dennis Stein-Schomburg

With his film “Andersartig”, Dennis Stein-Schomburg won the prize “Goldener Herkules” with 2500 Euro at the 28th documentary film and videofest Kassel (Dokfest). The film tells the story of the orphan girl Hildegard Wolgemuth, who survives a bomb attack in the Second World War only by being “different”.

Dennis Stein-Schomburg took the prize in the finale of the Dokfest. It is already the second award for the From the jury’s office:

“From math numbers, a flying fish, from dandelions bombs, and finally a terrible war experience. In four minutes Dennis Stein-Schomburg tells the life of Hildegard Wohlgemuth in Andersartig taking place before the war and during the war. (…) The authentic voice of the old woman and the impressive pictures fit together into a small and at the same time great masterpiece. “

The “Golden Key” this year went to “Work Hard-Play Hard” by Carmen Losmann (Special mention: Půlnoc by Klára Tasovská). The “Golden Cube” for the best media installation at the exhibition Monitoring won Anu Penannen with “Le ruine de regard” (Honorable Mention: “The Tenth Sentiment” by Ryota Kuwakubo).

The Hessischer Rundfunk (Hessian Radio) (HR) has, in its HR2 culture on 14.11. reported about the award winner (

Website of Dennis Stein-Schomburg:
Website of Dokfest Kassel:

Kassel films in the Hessischer Rundfunk

In the night from September 28th to September 29th at 0:00 am, Hessischer Rundfunk (HR) will present short films by students of Hessian universities in the program “Frischfilm 2011”. Among them are several films by Kasseler Trickfilm- und Filmstudenten, which were created in the last semesters.

These animations run in the program:

Stefan Vogt: „Zusammen“ (Serie)
Gruppenarbeit: „Undoubtedly Light“
Kun Jia: „Papa“
Federico Klotz: „The Talented Wilhelm Tell“
Florian Maubach: „Venedig“
Damian Harmata: „Stationen“
And from the film class:
Jonas Ungar: „Unter meinem Bett“
Georg Tasch: „Im Zimmer regnet es nie“

The title Particularly Valuable awarded to Kassel final films

In its last meeting, the Filmmesssstelle in Wiesbaden (FBW) awarded the final “Particularly Valuable” title to two final films by students of the Trickfilmklasse Kassel. The excellent films are “Die Flaschenpost” by Florian Grolig and “About Love, Hate and the Other ones” by Tobias Bilgeri. The latter is also “Short Film of the Month September” on the website of the film evaluation.

The film rating agency evaluates films with “particularly valuable”, when they are particularly outstanding in their genre or class. The award also entails a financial support for new projects – also in combination with festival participations. In any case, it means a great award for the films of the Kassel students.

In her explanatory statement, the jury explained Florian Grolig’s film “Die Flaschenpost” to be a “dark showpiece, in which the filmmakers have found exactly the right tone to meet Poe’s narrative.”

For “About Love, Hate and the other ones,” the jury was surprised by the four short episodes and, “how subtle the expressions the filmmaker can express with his few basic elements.”


Die Flaschenpost

About love, hate and the other ones

„Die Flaschenpost“ nominated for a FIRST STEPS AWARDS

A young man floats on stormy sea, he is drowning. At first, a black sailing ship seems to bring the hoped-for rescue, but on board the saved man begins to comprehend what is the purpose of the expedition. And the ship continues unstoppably to its south course. This is the action of the final film by Florian Grolig, who is nominated for the FIRST STEPS AWARD 2011 in the short and animation films category up to 25 minutes.

FIRST STEPS was founded more than 10 years ago as a private initiative of the film industry and film industry and awards the best final films of German-speaking film schools every year. FIRST STEPS is designed to enable young filmmakers to get in contact with the professional film industry, and the financial reward of the award can be used to finance new projects.

Florian Grolig has graduated from the Trickfilm class with “Die Flaschenpost” (“MS Found In A Bottle”) last year and is currently working at the Kasseler Gamestudio “Black Pants” [ ] To their game “Tiny & Big”. The film ran at various festivals, including DOK Leipzig, Animated Dreams Tallinn or IKFF Hamburg. At the Avanca Festival in Portugal the film received a “Special Mention” for the best animation film.

The prize winners of the FIRST STEPS AWARD will be announced on 23 August 2011 as part of the award ceremony at the Theater am Potsdamer Platz.

More Informationen for the Award under

the Film on VIMEO:

Website from Florian Grolig:


STREBERPRÄMIE for Geißer-sisters

The Internet platform ARTEcreative lends a weekly “Streberprämie” to outstanding artistic works by students. With their music video “The day I turned into a ghost”, the sisters Ines Christine and Kirsten Carina Geißer have now cleared the prize.

The video and the sisters will be presented on the website of ARTEcreative and the prize will give new attention to the music video, which has been recorded in the Geißerstil. “The day I turned into a ghost” was created in the summer and fall of 2010 as commissioned for the band “the good morning diary” Sad story on the edge: When the video was almost finished, the data was stolen with the project and the sisters had to process a large part of the film again.


Link to the blog of Ines Christine Geißer
Link to the blog of Kirsten Carina Geißer

Trickfilmklasse with film guest in the Kassel Kunstverein

27. February, 5pm Finissage of the exhibition undoubtedly/unzweifelhaft“ 

The Kassel Kunstverein invites you to the vernissage of its exhibition “undoubtedly / undoubtedly” – Slawomir Elsner / Martin Werthmann. It begins with a brief tour of the curator Bernhard Balkenhol. Afterwards Dr. Barbara Scheuermann, Berlin, will lead an artist talk with Martin Werthmann.
Finally we show an animation film shot by the trick film class of the Kunsthochschule Kassel under the direction of the new professor Martina Bramkamp in the exhibition.

Update: Kassel Festival contributions

Die Gedanken sind frei von Urte Zintler wird auf folgenden Festivals gezeigt:

  • Tricky Women Festival / 10.-14. März 2011 / Wien, Österreich
  • Go Short – International Short Film Festival Nijmegen / Cinepoem Competition / 16 – 20 März 2011 / Nijmegen, Niederlande
  • Animac / 24.-27. Februar 2011 / Lleida, Spanien

Bei „Tricky women festival“ und „go short“ wird die Filmmacherin anwesendsein.

Mehr auf

The Burning Haus von Nils Knoblich wird hier laufen:

  • European Short Film Festival FEC Cambrils-Reus
  • Animabasauri – Animabasque – Basauri-Bizkaia International Animated Film Festival

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